no fly zones when dealing with angry people

No-fly zones when dealing with angry people

Awhile back, I had a client that was struggling with their new site launch. The problem? Their old website was hosted by local printing company that didn’t know how to transfer the domain to someone else.

It was no big deal – I’d been in this situation several times over the years. I sent an email to this printing company with the information on what to do and how.

And was promptly ignored. Continue reading


Using Images To Make Your Blog Post More Effective

People have figured out that images matter on the web. Nearly every blogger that gets the kind of traffic you only dream about knows how to use images in a way that helps you get past their blog index page to the content. While you’re there, you’re supporting their advertising, and exploring other posts – almost all because they have quality images to go with their quality content. In this post, I’m hoping to show you some easy ways to take your own blog images to the next level. Continue reading

The Death of a Dream: The Apex

This is part two the story of the three years I spent at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s major newspaper, “The Tulsa World.” During that time, I did the best work of my life and greatly enjoyed myself until we were sold in 2013. Read part one.
a·pex (āpeks), noun
 The top or highest part of something, esp. one forming a point.

As we closed out 2012, we knew what was coming. Tulsa World was going to become Tulsa’s first major news outlet to have a responsive website. We set the ball rolling and dedicated ourselves to not releasing anything new that wasn’t responsive. Each project presented unique challenges but also came with it’s own rewards. One such project was called Everyday People. Continue reading


How to keep from sabotaging your business through email

Most people I know have a love-hate relationship with email. They hate getting spam (who doesn’t?) but they can’t imagine communicating with clients, customers or family members any other way, except perhaps social media. Even in business, email is still king. Email is a primary mode of modern communication for business marketing for several reasons: Continue reading