no fly zones when dealing with angry people

No-fly zones when dealing with angry people

Awhile back, I had a client that was struggling with their new site launch. The problem? Their old website was hosted by local printing company that didn’t know how to transfer the domain to someone else.

It was no big deal – I’d been in this situation several times over the years. I sent an email to this printing company with the information on what to do and how.

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Using Images To Make Your Blog Post More Effective

People have figured out that images matter on the web. Nearly every blogger that gets the kind of traffic you only dream about knows how to use images in a way that helps you get past their blog index page to the content. While you’re there, you’re supporting their advertising, and exploring other posts – almost all because they have quality images to go with their quality content. In this post, I’m hoping to show you some easy ways to take your own blog images to the next level. Continue reading


How to keep from sabotaging your business through email

Most people I know have a love-hate relationship with email. They hate getting spam (who doesn’t?) but they can’t imagine communicating with clients, customers or family members any other way, except perhaps social media. Even in business, email is still king. Email is a primary mode of modern communication for business marketing for several reasons: Continue reading

Bidsketch Home Page

Product Review: Bidsketch

One of the biggest needs any business has, no matter how big or small, is adequate systems to handle cash flow. For the freelancer it’s even more important, because we have to wear all the hats. When you’re a freelancer, any tool that can help you do your job well is a tool that you need to take a look at. Today, we’re taking a look at one that fills one of the biggest needs for cash flow – proposal management. Enter: Bidsketch.

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4 things a small business should not say on their website

Author’s note: this post is primarily geared towards super-small businesses, or as I like to call them, “microbusinesses”, or “upstarts”. They generally have 10 or fewer employees and often are just one person selling handmade products. For more on Upstarts, check out the blog series.

Part of my job as a consultant is not only to help small businesses find creative solutions to help them make more money, but to find ways to improve on what they’ve already got. Every time I see a small business owner that with a pre-made template from Godaddy or Vista Print, I often see the same mistakes in telling their story (or attempting to) that cause them to lose visitors, lose interest and ultimately lose money.

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